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Huntz Hall, certainly one of the magic names of the motion picture industry,
was part of Hollywood’s golden era of the famed "Dead End Kids.""1 was
never a Dead End Kid," Hall was saying and by which he means neither he nor
the others were actually ruffians. All were actors, well trained and from good
families. Gabe Dell’s father was a doctor, Billy Hallop’s a lawyer, Bobby
Jordan’s owned a garage and Leo Gorcey’s father was also an actor.
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Huntz was the 14th child of sixteen (13 boys and 3 girls). His father was a steeplejack working on all the skyscrapers - the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and others.

"1 got my name ’Huntz" because my godfather was German and a ’Huntzie” in German is puppy, which is what I looked like as a baby."

"My family was all Irish and with 12 brothers 1 never had any trouble on the streets. I’m strictly from the East Side, around First Avenue between First and Second Streets. Telly Savalas. Ann Blythe. Ben Gazzara and Patti Duke came from around there. I still remember the old slaughter house which was torn down and replaced the Unite Nations Building," Huntz recalls.

"My mother, a precinct captain with the Democrats, wanted all her sons to become priests, especially me, but 1 wanted to be an actor and my parents sent me to Professional Children’s School. A chance meeting with Martin Gabel led to his landing the part in Dead End and the "kids" played in 25 Dead End Kids movies, 26 Eastside Kids flicks; and 48 Bowery Boys classics.
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Still performing in theater, movies and television, Huntz is living in Southern California with his wife, Lee, and not too far away from his son, the Rev. Gary Richard Hall, an Episcopalian minister in Westlake, daughter-in-law Kathy and grandson Oliver. personal loan lenders.


As he brushed by two people on his way to get a few more pictures, Steve Matlin (Lincoln) initially exclaimed, "excuse me" and then realizing that this was a New York party teeming with people he grinned and shouted, "forget it, I forgot we’re in ] York" and the two people nodded back in an understanding manner.

Nearby, munching on hot pretzels and franks, was a foursome of Jeffersonians, Helen (Bernmert) Antler, Lee (Stolar) Greene, Doris (Yellin) Wecker and Dee Silverman. Outside, on the "playground" Jon Alexander (Midwood) led his punchball team against Jon Voight (Archbishop Stepanic) and Dancing Barry (Columbus) as many cheered and others played potsy, boxball, and stoopball.
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Jon Voight Presents NYAA Gift - Lee Hall Morey Amsterdam & Huntz

"Johnny on the Pony isn’t what it used to be" choked Sam Faye (New Utrecht) as fellow alum Norm Jacobs and Harry Levinson (Boys) glided over and on top of him. Inside there was a group poring over the 12,000 names on the membership list while Sandy Fox was coordinating the world’s largest baseball card flip.

State Senators Tom Bartosiewicz (Brooklyn) and Joseph Galiber (Bronx) flew in to bring special greetings from the Big Apple. Jeff Silber (Taft) from the Bronx Council of the Arts and Bob Zweig from the Brooklyn Dodger Hall of Fame as well as The Brooklyn Chili Mob and Max Riordan of the New York Yankee Fan Club were also out in force.

Downstairs in the showroom Morey Amsterdam served as master of ceremonies for a terrific show featuring Barbara McNair, Stanley Myron Handelman (Madison), Mabel King (Yorkville). Eddy Lawrence Manson (New Utrecht), The Tokens (Lincoln). Jon Voight (Archbishop Stepanic) and the Lany Kelen Trio.. Clinton’s Jerry Vale, Mr. Blackwell, Sybl Brand and a host of others were there to honor their long-time friend Huntz Hall.
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As the evening drew to a close Stanly Ralph Ross (Lincoln) remarked to Rabbi Jerry Cutler (Jefferson) and fellow alum Jerry Rund (Lincoln) how nice it was to get together - just once in awhile to share and to remember. direct loan lenders for bad credit

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