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Last Updated 3/10/2009

Marty and Daughter Julie

In a typical New York setting, at a local school yard with bouncing spaldeens and with people jumping rope and guzzling egg creams while munching on the greatest knishes, franks, pickles, devil dogs, deli sandwiches and Italian ices, the over-flowing capacity crowd of some 2,000 transplanted New Yorkers nestled and nudged each other during the reunion and then we sweated quietly and dutifully in an all too familiar hot steamy non-air conditioned high school auditorium. . . for just one more time. But, instead of sweating uncomfortably, we were treated once again to one of those rare evenings when we were able once again to transcend time and space and to go back over many years and many miles to recapture a moment from our youth.
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The wonderful stories from Garry Marshall, and from Marvin Kaplan rekindled memories unique to each one of us in the audience. The songs and music from the ’50’s and ’60’s sung by the everlasting rock ‘n’ roll group. Lincoln’s own, Phil and Mitch Margo of the Tokens and a song sung by Martin Landau’s favorite singer, Gretchen Becker, added yet another dimension to the variety of the evening’s performances.

"Our Crowd" was raucous in their laughter as Jesse White, the only non-New Yorker weaved his many delightful and funny stories and the audience was left rolling in the aisles by Tilden’s fantastic master of comedy, Dave Barry.

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The music and arrangements were carefully orchestrated by Eddy Manson Madison, and the drama and dynamic singing of Tilden’s Julie Budd, accompanied by musical director Tildenite Herb Bernstein (Tilden), left the audience in an absolute peak.

The evening was capped for the fourth consecutive year by our most loved and revered member - Milton Berle (PCS) as he once again demonstrated why he is the standard against which all entertainers are measured..
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In recognition of the love and respect that the people of Brooklyn have for our honoree Madisonian Martin Landau, Stuyvesant’s Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden, made the long journey to California to present Martin with a special Citation for his stature as an actor and as a humanitarian. Alongside Howard were Marty’s good friends Peter Lupus and Dane Clark. The “group” below including Lincolnites Herb Edelman and Stanley Ralph Ross joined Marty Landau in an Embassy that we erected for our Borough President! small loans bad credit

Also attending were Patti Andrews, Mr. Blackwell (Brooklyn “street kid”), Charles Durning, Anthony Franciosa, Betty Garrett, Estelle Getty, Marty Kove and Terrie Moore.

Created and produced by Lou and Fran Zigman, directed by Eddy Lawrence Manson, coordinated by the skillful hands of lighting director and technical directors Ed Schachter and Jon Alexander and guided by the intellect and sensitivity of the wonderful co-masters of ceremonies, Stanley Ralph Ross and Stan Irwin, this annual event has grown into the largest and most fun-filled high school reunion in the nation.

The audience grew hushed in anticipation as life-sized color slides of Ruby Keeler appeared on the three foot screens and as the soft melody of the tune "Ruby” played by our own, Heifetz of the Harmonica, Eddy Manson, resounded throughout the auditorium.
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The silence was deafening and was broken only by the echo of producer-director, New Utrecht’s Paul Werth’s words over the reprise of Eddy’s music as Paul recounted the brilliance of Ruby’s career. direct loan lenders for bad credit

Everyone sat transfixed in a state of absolute calm and anticipation and as the beat and patter of Ruby’s signature music from "42nd Street" began to fill the air, Ruby’s friends, Patti Andrews, Betty Garrett, Terri Moore and Penny Singleton joined in a musical tribute to their dear friend. In a moment of pure drama as she walked on to the stage, Ruby cast aside her cane and she began to strut her feet to the music while joining in with her friends’ tribute to her. In a quixotic response, the audience rose to their feet in loving cheers, as Ruby danced and shared this magical and most tender moment with her close friends and with our own "New York family." online payday loans in arizona

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