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Last Updated 3/6/2009

On October 2, 1993, the sound, the energy and the vitality of another time, of another word, reappeared at the site of Beverly Hills High, as the school took on the appearance of a New York City school yard of at least 50 years ago.

Arising through a hot and steamy day; as a result of the yearning of its people, and the hard work and months of planning by a loyal group of New York Alumni, these ingredients were mixed carefully: with a special potion of love and understanding so that at the right moment, a flash occurred and thousands of people reappeared in a unique "Brigadoon" type of setting to live out one more wonderful day of their illustrious past.

Although someone once said that you cannot go home again, don’t tell that to the over 2,000 transplanted New York high school graduates who congregated in the local high school parking lot with skate keys around their necks; small, funny pink, rubber ball bulging from their pockets, pieces of chalk and bottle caps in their little brown bags, baseball cards stuffed in their back pockets and jump rope tied around their waists. Even some long, thin broomsticks wrapped in black tape could be seen as the schoolyard was transformed back to "the old days." long term loans for bad credit

There were over 70 signs depicting such wonderful institutions as Lincoln. Clinton, Evander, Forest Hills, Erasmus, Jeff, Tech, Science, Bayside, Jamaica, Monroe and many more. There were the best egg creams from Fremor Seltzer; the tastiest pickles from Bubbies; the greatest deli sandwiches from the Stage Deli of New York, wonderful pizza and refreshing Italian ices from Anthony’s Trattoria; those irresistible Klassic Knishes and thirst-quenching real New York Seltzer. no credit check payday loans

"Here we go again," yelled Selma Gold as she surveyed the throng of people. "Gee, it seems like we’re seeing a lot of the same faces," exclaimed Leonard Katz. "Of course, we’re here every year, it’s great fun" James Sweet cried.

As he brushed by two people on his way to get some extra sauerkraut on his franks, Allen Rose initially exclaimed, "excuse me," and then realizing that this was a New York party teaming with people, he grinned and shouted "forget it, I forgot we’ New York", and the two people nodded back in an understanding manner.

Who said you can "you can never go home again," exclaimed Richard Bussell as many grabbed their Spauldeens, chalk, marbles and rope and they pulled up their sleeves stretched their muscles. Many of the guys and a few of the "gals" shook off the years and quickly dissolved back many decades to their youth..

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Others, not so athletically inclined checked in at their local high school booths looking for old friends. Even if they didn’t find a name or two, they enjoyed the camaraderie meeting and talking with others from their own schools. No one paid any attention to diets, health foods and the like, as for a few hours everybody just enjoyed the friendly tastes and sounds of days gone by.

After several hours of frolicking in the school yard, the group trudged dutifully into the bowels of the old high school as they sweated quietly in an all too familiar hot and steamy non-air conditioned high school auditorium. Once again, for the eighth consecutive year, the alumni were treated to one of the most unique and entertaining evenings.

Created by Lou and Fran Zigman and produced by Johnny Francis and Buddy Arnold, the music and comedy tribute to the honored New York City boy, Steve Allen, was a huge success.

Guided by the "Master" Master of Ceremonies, Stanley Ralph Ross and the music of legendary Manny Harmon Orchestra, the melodies of Patty Andrews, Herb Jeffries, Barbara McNair and Robby Britt filled the air.

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The tunes from the virtuoso of the harmonica Eddy Lawrence Manson, who cajoled Milton into joining him for a harmonica duet was a surprise to everyone. illinois installment loans

Tributes from Bill Dana, Bernie Kopell, Valerie Harper and Louis Gossett, Jr. created a unique New York City blend.

The comedy of Thelma Lee and Sammy Shore, together with a very special appearance from the stars of "Catskills On Broadway," Freddie Roman and Dick Capri, who came immediately after completing their performance on stage in their own show, caused the audience to shake with tears of laughter. direct loan lenders for bad credit

One time babysitter for Steve Allen, over sixty years ago, Milton Berle, highlighted the evening as he presented the eighth annual award to our honoree. online payday loans in arizona

The beautiful rendition of Steve Allen was by our resident artist, Cara Marks.
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