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Last Updated 3/11/2009

"Brigadoon" arose one more time for an illustrious day and evening at Beverly High School, home of the largest high school reunion in the country. And, by all accounts, the 9th annual reunion was the greatest reunion ever.

As the sun rose in the sky, the faces broke into smiles, as people warmly greeted one other on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. By now, after all these years, the faces have become familiar and most everyone has adapted to their new high school surroundings.
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The schoolyard with New York posters, and the people with G.O. buttons pinned to shirts identifying each person’s "home" school, provided a perfect setting for everyone to get re-acquainted. no credit check payday loans

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And it matters not, whether you are a star or just glitter, because for a brief moment in time, we were all kids again...reliving and rejoicing in the days gone a less troubled and complicated world. The aroma of franks with kraut, sour pickles, s knishes, hot pastrami, thin crusted pizza, pretzels with mustard, and yes, even egg creams and authentic Italian ices with paper cups to squeeze, gave most of us a chance to eat with two hands. The music, reminiscent of days gone by, provided a nice diversion for those who needed a respite from the schmoozing, the playing, the and the gawking. small loans bad credit

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And, after nine years, you just have to fight to get your place into "The Game"- punchball led by Garry Marshall. Just like on those city streets, the players at Beverly Hills High now know each other, they give a nod of recognition and the teams form naturally while the crowd surrounds the playing field. The purpose of this year’s gathering was to honor one of the classiest and most distinguished of Hollywood’s elite.

As an actor, a singer, and a stage, film and television star. Gene Barry has ddone it all. Born in his grandmother’s apartment on 116th Street and Fifth Avenue, opposite the Mount Morris Theatre in Harlem, Eugene Klass grew up in the Mapleton area of Brooklyn and he attended P.S. 121, and Montauk JHS before graduating from New Utrecht High. What an evening it was!
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Guided by the gifted hand of the "Chairman of our Board". Milton Berle, with the expertise of producers Johnny Francis and Buddy Arnold, the music of Manny Harmon, and the direction of the masters of ceremonies shared by Budd Friedman, Johnny Francis and Stanley Ralph Ross, our alumni enjoyed one of our finest evenings of nostalgia and merriment. Former Tilden Class President, comedian Dave Barry ’35, set the tone of the evening with raucous laughter. He was followed by the sardonic wit of Chicago’s Shelley Berman, who recalled wandering through the school-yard wondering why he was there. Tildenite Jackie Gayle was the ultimate observer as he reminded us of the characters on the city streets while, Rich Little with his wife Jeanette added another "touch of class" as they brought Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn along with George and Gracie back to us, for just one more time.
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Another Tildenite, the fabulous Julie Budd bought the house down with her golden voice. We introduced our NewYork Chorus, under choral director Reparata and lyricist Charlie Schlotterr, with over twenty celebrities, who sang a new West Coast version of Eastside/Westside.

The video greetings provided by Jon Alexander from Gene’s daughter, Liza and son-in Fabrizio Fabbri, direct from Florence, Italy; along with video greetings from Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, Florence Henderson. Tony Martin, Aaron Spelling Robert Stack, added their personal greeting in our program of the evening to Gene.

One of the highlights of an evening of highlights, was the special greeting of from Julie Carlsen, aka Betty Kalb from Julia Richman High, aka Mrs. Gene Barry. With the grace and dignity of Mr. Klass, Ms. Kalb, introduced "the Barry children"; writer and Michael Barry, contractor James Barry; their daughters-in-law, Stephanie and Jessica and the grandchildren, Joshua, Jessica and Taylor.

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As a expression of Brooklyn’s affection for Gene, Brooklyn’s First Citizen, Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden came to Beverly Hills. He was joined by Robert Catell, President and CEO of Brooklyn Union Gas Company as Bob wanted to give Gene some "gas", but instead both Howard and Bob made a special presentation on behalf of the people of Brooklyn in recognition of Gene’s many accomplishments.

Finally, the audience hushed as gene rose to speak. His eloquence, his words and his style were just an extension of the grace of his family, his friends and those who have came to honor him. Within the circle of wonderful people who our alumni have honored, Gene Barry and his family set their own tone which will always be remembered.
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