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Last Updated 3/11/2009

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Over 1,700 transplanted New Yorkers gathered at Beverly Hills High School for the 16th annual New York reunion to honor legendary comedian Jack Carter. Rosina Mancini Montana, Assistant Principal of New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn flew out to present Jack with the official door knobs to his alma mater telling him that he can now cut school any time he wants to.

The day and evening’s festivities were particularly poignant given the tragic events on September 11. Everyone wanted to gather together and to hug and each other for support.
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During the afternoon’s festivities there were games of slapball, ring-o-leevio and other games featuring the famed pink Spauldeens along with New York cuisine featuring Italian ices, egg creams, franks with kraut and goodies from the Stage Deli. A veritable “Who Who” from Beverly Hills attended including Mayor Max Salter, Jan Murray, Sid Caesar, Superintendent of Schools Gwen Gross, along with Jack’s pals Norm Crosby, Monty Hall, Shecky Greene, Martin Landau, Connie Stevens, Budd Friedman, Jerry Stiller and Anne Merara and countless others.

Producer Garry Marshall set the tone for the evening’s entertainment with his wonderful poem urging people TO STAND. He reminded our New York "family" of those who ever "SAT" on a seat in Yankee Stadium or in the grandstand at Ebbets Field that this is the time to stand, to those who ever sat on a peeling park bench in Central Park table or in the automat, or on a fire hydrant, an orange crate, or in the balcony of the Paramount, or on seat on the Staten Island Ferry - that now was the time to stand and stand for America. The audience stood as Garry also reminded everyone that this was also the time to stand together to make sure that the spirit of New York shall go on forever!
Garry then reminded everyone that this was also a time to laugh and a time to sing. And, laugh and sing is what everyone did.
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In a dramatic and eerie manner, the crowd floated to their feet in the darkened auditorium singing reverently and quietly in response to Robbie Britt’s brilliant rendition of "God Bless America". The crowd rose to their feet again and again in response to the inspiring performance by Fred Travalena as he incorporated patriotic songs and as had asked all of the veterans to stand up and to be recognized. small loans bad credit

At the beginning of the evening almost everyone was a little nervous about the impact of comedy and jokes until Max Alexander took center stage and belly laughs followed. Jordan Bennett, star of "Les Miserables" was equally compelling and Hal Linden once again wowed everyone with his clarinet, his singing and with his commanding presence.

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In an evening of highlights, the crowd rose once again as the wonderful Sid Caesar shared his humor and his love for his friend Jack Carter.

As part of the festivities Monty Hall and Max Salter formally "adopted" the iconic Shelley Berman as an honorary New Yorker as all of our previous adopted New Yorkers, Peter Lupus, Shecky Greene and Norm Crosby looked on. Shelley, the master of improvisation, treated everyone to his famous telephone father/son monologue.
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After three hours of uproarious laughter and entertainment Jack Carter followed. Jack carried the already drained crowd one more step higher as he was never more brilliant.

Feted by his entire family, his beautiful wife Roxanne, daughters Wendy and Vicki and sons Michael and Chase, along with many of his close friends, peers, and the SRO audience, everyone remained in their seats as laughter once again rang throughout the auditorium. After three ho uproarious laugher and entertainment Jack Carter followed. Jack took center stage and carried the already drained crowd up one more step up as he was never more brilliant.

As the crowd departed, many were heard to say, “thank you Jack, thank you Shelley and thank you – to everyone connected with the New York Alumni – we needed this.”

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