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Last Updated 08/29/05
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Over the past 20 years we have had a number of special moments. Hopefully, these very brief snippets will "bring to life" some of those moments.

Typically, when a person has achieved acclaim and honor they will receive a doctorate degree from a major university. Because a number of those we have honored left school early to pursue their dreams for careers in entertainment, many of our honorees have been thrilled at receiving their high school diplomas. Over the years we have "graduated" Milton Berle, Dick Van Patten, and now Tony Orlando from high school while we presented Hal Linden with his college degree, that he earned but never picked up from CCNY. The President of Hofstra University presented its highly prestigious Medal of Freedom to Lainie Kazan and Jack Carter was presented with New Utrecht High School's Medal of Honor and with the door knobs to the front entrance telling him that he is welcome at any time day or night. The next 17 video clips will highlight about 15 minutes from Tony's graduation ceremony and those video clips will be followed by others from previous years. Additional videos over the past 20 years will be added periodically.

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Forty-six years after TONY ORLANDO dropped out of high school, the Assistant Principal of Aviation High School Ralph Santiago, conferred on Michael Cassivitas aka TONY ORLANDO a diploma from the New York City Board of Education as Tony was officially graduated from high school in front of 1,500 of his fellow transplanted New Yorkers at the New York Alumni Association's 20th annual reunion which is held annually at Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, CA.
To see the graduation ceremony and Tony's absolutely wonderful and heartfelt reaction to his surprise ceremony, please go to the bottom of this page.
In 1995 we met ROBBIE BRITT and we“fell in love with him.” Robbie has opened show ever since!
Comedian NORM CROSBY, from Boston, MA, reflects on the reunion. Norm later became one of our emcees and we eventually formally adopted Norm as a New York boy.
Capturing the enthusiasm of our “show,” our pals decided that they wanted to have fun singing together. As you listen you will hear director Jon Alexander introducing many in our chorus.
Does this bring back memories?
From her days on the Merv Griffin television show, the public got to know Israeli International Singing Star, ALIZA KASHI by her enthusiastic welcome, “Hello People!” nd by her wonderful voice.
Robbie opens another show.
The Headmaster, James Dawson, from Professional Children's School presents Dick Van Patten with his honorary high school diploma 50 years after Dick left school for a role on Broadway.
Ed Ames
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