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Last Updated 05/13/09
He was an inspiration
to all, a great pal and
titular leader of the
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As part of our reunion we honor a famous New Yorker and we also adopt as honorary New Yorkers people who we would love to have as part of our "family." Many successful people are honored with doctorate degrees from colleges and universities. Because a number of our honorees dropped out of high school while pursuing their acting careers, they have been honored and thrilled when principals from their old high shools have flown out to present their honorary high school degrees to them. The "show" with a 14 piece orchestra is three hours of music, variety and nostalgia and attracts people from as far away as New York, Florida, and even from Canada and Ireland. As you scroll down this page you will see stories about each of the reunions, stories of our honorees and photos from a number of the reunionS. Because we have so much information to share over the past 20 years we will be undating this information periodically. We also encourage you to join and become a part our group. membership
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 2005 - Tony Orlando  1995 - Joe Bologna & Renee Taylor
 2004 - Charles Durning   1994 - Gene Barry
 2003 - Mickey Rooney   1993 - Steve Allen
 2002 - Connie Stevens  1992 - Sid Caesar
 2001 - Jack Carter  1991 - Martin Landau & Ruby Keeler
 2000 - Lainie Kazan  1990 - Milton Berle
 1999 - Jerry Vale  1989 - Jan Murray
 1998 - Fyvush Finkel  1988 - Dr. Robert Gale
 1997 - Hal Linden  1987 - Huntz Hall
 1996 - Patti & Dick Van Patten  1986 - Phil Foster
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